Making a mental shift

It’s transformation Tuesday! Yes, that’s a thing in the fitness world!  But, It isn’t the physical transformation that I love, though it is a nice bonus.  What I really, really love is the mental shift that happens when you start focusing on working on yourself.  That kind of transformation takes time but is so worth it.  It is the reason that I love what I do as a health and wellness mentor.  My heart is so full, when I see women gain a new confidence that they had lost for so long.  Watching women succeed fills my cup.

The start of my transformation

I had a physical transformations fairly quickly after starting my wellness journey.  After doing my first ever Beachbody program, the 21 Day Fix, I lost 11 pounds in my first round and felt great physically.  But I quickly fell off of that wagon and spent the next 9 months or so making excuses as to why I couldn’t commit to a program for longer than a week or so at a time.

That summer, I continued to hide my body under baggy clothes, one piece swim suits (I was always a bikini girl!) and behind my daughter.  Even though I was at a very healthy weight and even fairly toned, I still had no confidence.  My motivation quickly left and I didn’t know where to find it.

Insert, my first ever online challenge group!  This was the accountability that I needed in my life. These women in this group lifted me up and made me want to do better.  I got back to my daily workouts and eating healthy and felt so much better.  But that group soon ended and I was left with no one to motivate me or push me.

That’s about the time, I decided I needed to be my own motivation.  I can’t depend on others to lift me up and push me. If I wanted to succeed,  I had to learn to do it myself.  So I signed up to be a coach with no experience, no clue what I was doing, still very little if any confidence and not at my ideal fitness level.  At that point in my life, I was still consumed by other peoples opinions of me and I certainly didn’t feel worthy of helping any one else.  But I jumped in!


I jumped in because I knew I needed a change-something to challenge my mind, something to do for myself, outside of my family, something that would keep me accountable to my own goals.

So, I jumped in with both feet.  Well,sort of.  I jumped in with both feet and then started to tip toe back out and then in again and then out and then in again…But I slowly learned to start facing my fears more often.  I quickly began devouring all of the personal development that I could get my hands and ears on!  And you know what happened?  Every damn time I faced one of those fears, every time I tip toed out of my comfort zone, I became a little stronger, a little more confident, a little bit better person.

Who I am now

Who I am now, is NOT who I was five years ago!  And I hope that in five more years, I’m even stronger, more confident, more alive and even more joyful than I am today!  Because I never want to stop growing as a person.  I still have a lot of work to do but I now know how to do it.  Each day, I face the day with a positive attitude and an open mind.  Every day, I start the day with a grateful heart.  I find a way to do something scary and out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.  It’s not always easy but I know that in the long run, it always pays off and I become better for it.

Stop being afraid of becoming who you are meant to be.  Make TODAY, the day you DECIDE to take ACTION on becoming the best YOU, that you can be.

Who’s with me!?

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, how you an help others while bettering yourself, fill out this form and we can chat!

Happy Tuesday, friends!



A Love Letter to my Husband

To my blog readers:  Since it’s Valentine’s week and love is in the air, I thought I’d change things up and share a love letter to my husband.  Why share something so personal?  Because we are in a tough season and I figure there may be other women out there in a similar season of life.  Maybe my words will resonate with you.  Maybe not.  But here they are…


To my hubby,

You may wonder why I’m writing you this letter and sharing it for the world to see.  But you know I’m not great at expressing my feelings out loud. Writing is my outlet.  And it’s important to me for you to know how I truly feel about you.  We are in a tough season of life right now. Having and raising children is tough.  It tends to take it’s toll on me, especially.  I can get so wrapped up in meeting the kids needs that I often forget to meet yours.  We’ve been here before and have even gone through harder times. I have no doubt we will see more.   We always manage to survive and come out stronger.

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this…

Some people say that their wedding day was the best day of their life.  While our wedding was a moment that I had spent so long waiting for, it’s the marriage that is my favorite.  Figuring out this life with you, have been some of the best moments of my life.

I often wonder what I did to deserve a man like you.  We both know you’re not perfect and I’m certainly not either.  But what you are is good.  It’s like you were made to be a husband, in the way that I was made to be a mother. I’m so grateful for your father for that!   It’s so effortless for you where I seem to have to work so hard at being a good wife.  I want to be better, for you!  I want to learn to give you the attention and meet your needs the way that I do for our children.  I’m trying…

Marriage is hard.

Most people give up as soon as it gets hard but not us.  We pick ourselves up, push through the hard, because we know, we are worth it.  We have built an amazing life together, one that I honestly, never imagined possible.  Though we may fight, disagree, sometimes, not even like each other very much, we will never give up on each other.  Thank you for never giving up on me.

There are so many things that I love about you!   I love how attentive you always are to my needs, my desires and my feelings.  You always put me first. I love how attracted you are to me, after 16 years and 3 kids, you never cease to make me feel wanted.  Your loyalty is something that is so rare and that I cherish.  I know there have been times that you may have thought you wanted to leave but you didn’t.  You stuck it out and have made this family what it is.  I love that our boys have such an amazing role model to look up to.  They will know how to treat a lady and be a gentlemen.  I’m so grateful that our daughter will have high standard for finding a husband because of you. You have set the bar high!

I know that I’m not always the best wife and not the easiest to live with. But I love you with my whole heart! Every day of this life I am grateful to get to spend it with you. We will make it though this tough season and we will be better for it.  Know that I appreciate you and all that you have done and continue to do for our family.  You are the love of my life and I promise to cherish you for the rest of yours.  Thank you for choosing me and never giving up on me!

5 Habits You Should Start Now

With a new year, often comes change- a new routine, stricter diets, more exercise, less clutter, bigger income, raise, etc.  You get the point.  Most people vow to make some type of positive change with the new year.  The best way to do this is starting with your daily morning habits.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.”  This could not be more true and I’m proof of it!  There are 5 daily habits that I added to my morning routine 3 years that have had such a huge impact on my life.  I’m going to give you a glimpse into my morning routine and the 5 habits you should start NOW.

Not a morning person!

I’m not nor have I ever been a morning person!  In fact, just the opposite, ask my hubby.  People who know my morning routine and what time I wake up each day, like to assume that I am, in fact a morning person.  But they are wrong.  I’ve just created some habits that have transformed my mornings and make things run so much smoother.

A question I get from my followers all the time is, “How do you stay so motivated to workout and get up so early?”  Here’s the thing, motivation has very little, if anything to do with it.  I have just created these habits which include working out, that have become a part of my daily life.  So for me to sleep in (I do on occasion) or skip a workout (very very rare) feels odd to me because I’m so use to doing these things.  They are habits!

So, how do you create these habits?

First, you need to decide what new habits you want to start and jot them down.  I’ll post a picture of the ones I recommend and you can screenshot them.  Keep that list somewhere that you will see it everyday when you wake up.  Next, you need to create your “why.”  It may sound cheesy but if you don’t know why you want to create these habits, it will make it that much easier for you to just skip them.  Your why needs to be strong, powerful and make you want to jump out of bed.  Write it down and post it with your daily habits.  Read it every morning!  This all sounds easy so far, right?  NOPE!  Of course it’s not easy!  If it were, everyone would do it.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  It takes work and dedication.

Now, it’s time to get your emotions out of the way.  Emotions are great when they are pushing us to do something hard.  But what about the emotions that so often prevent us from reaching our goals?  Those are the ones we have to recognize as emotions and learn to release them.  It’s okay to feel emotions like, “I’m too tired, I don’t want to get up, I don’t feel like working out, I’m too sad to do it today, too stressed, too busy….”  Those are emotions that so many of us let control us and keep us from reaching our full potential.   But it’s time to put your big girl panties on and LET THAT SHIT GO and do the things any way!  It’s time you had some tough love!  Feel it and do it anyway!

We become what we repeatedly do

Read that again!  We become what we repeatedly do!  If you are always making excuses- that is the person you will become.  And no one likes that person, come on!  The good news is that you always have the choice to replace those excuses with new, positive habits that will actually benefit your life.  YOU have that choice!  You choose the kind of person that you become.  Today, decide what kind of person yo want to be and create the habits that will support that!

My morning routine

I’m a huge believer that how you start your morning sets the tone for the day.  That’s why for the last 3 years, I’ve made a conscious effort to wake up each day before my kids for my momma time.  I’ve had a very similar routine that I have been following for these last few years that has been a game changer for me.  As I mentioned before, I’m not a morning person so having this time to myself before having to deal with everyone else’s issues is priceless.

Gone are the days of waking up, rushing around to get 3 kids ready for school and out the door before I even have a chance to breathe or have coffee (I need coffee!). It doesn’t mean that my mornings aren’t very stressful.  I have 3 kids, so of course everything doesn’t always go as planned.  But now, when they wake up, I’m in a peaceful, fully caffeinated state of mind so that I can handle what they throw at me.  I’m telling y’all, major game changer!

I’m going to share with you what my mornings look like.  I highly suggest you read the book My Morning Miracle and really learn how to take back your mornings.  You can thank me later!

5:00- Alarm goes off TIP- Place your alarm (phone) in your bathroom.  It will force you to get up.  Seriously, do it!

5:05- Walk/stumble to the kitchen, start coffee and drink 16 oz water while coffee is brewing.

5:08- Sitting in my favorite chair I meditate for about 10 minutes.  Sometimes I use a guided meditation but not always.  Here are my favorite guided meditations-  Meditation Minis Calm

5:20- Read my daily scripture and spend time with God.  This is the app I use Inspirations

5:30ish- Read person development- You can check out a few of my favorite books here.

5:45- Quickly jot down things that I need to do for the day and list the in order of priority

5:50- Time to get the boys ready for school

6:30- Boys are on bus and now I make my “Momma Crack!”  This is my life line and I can’t workout without it!  Here’s what I use for my pre workout drink, “momma crack.”

6:45- Workout!

After that it’s time for Stella to wake up and be on her way to school and my day really starts!

Take a screenshot of the picture below and make these 5 habits a part of your new routine in 2019.





The Day I Lost My Mother

They say that talking about your troubles is good therapy.  I’ll be honest, I’m not much for talking about my feelings but I find it very therapeutic to write about them.  It may sound crazy to want to relive the traumatic past but for me it’s a release, it’s therapy, it renews me. I want to tell you the story of the day I lost my mother.  This story really isn’t for you, it’s for me.  Since I don’t talk about it, writing it helps me to heal.  It’s not to get sympathy, I don’t need or want that.  The truth is I wouldn’t be who I am today, had I not gone through this tragedy.  It may have taken me a while to figure that out, but I know it’s true.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give anything to have one more day with my momma, because I would.

The night before

I remember calling my mother a few times that Tuesday night of September 12th.  It was a little odd that she didn’t answer or return my call considering we talked every day.  But I figured she probably had one of her headaches or was just really tired.  I went to bed not thinking anything about it.

Wednesday, Sept 13, 2006

It was about 7:00 Wednesday morning when I got woken up by the phone ringing. You know it’s never good to get a call that early in the morning.  When I answered, all my little brother said was, “They took mom to the hospital, get up here now.”  I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach but it would never prepare me for what I would find out when I got there.  Chris and I got our two boys up, they were 3 and 10 months old at the time.  We threw some clothes on and ran to the car.  The hospital was about a 30 minute drive so you can imagine the thoughts that were running through my head during that time. The truth is that I don’t think that, her not making it, ever even crossed my mind.  I mean, this was the woman who had been through hell and walked out carrying all 4 of her kids over her shoulders. She had overcome tougher times and she would overcome whatever this was.

We parked the car and walked into the emergency room, me carrying Joey on my hip and Chris holding Jack nearby.  I remember walking around the corner and seeing Jason and his future wife.  Dana immediately grabbed Joey out of my arms and stepped back.  I saw my baby brother’s face trying so hard to keep it together.  I will never forget how brave he was and I hate that he had to be the one to say to me, “She didn’t make it.”

It was like a punch in the gut and I immediately yelled out, “NOO! What did they do to her?!”  Because, of course the doctors must have made a mistake.  They must have caused this.  It so crazy the thoughts that randomly come to your head in a time of crisis and tragedy.  I’m not sure why I immediately blamed them.  It just didn’t seem possible that my healthy, 52 year old mother would die so suddenly.  I guess I had to blame someone.

I pushed passed my brother and walked into the triage room that she was in.  She lay there with a tube in her throat and I thought there is no way this is real life.  I’m pretty sure I was yelling and wailing crying as I stood beside, caressing her beautiful face.  It was such a surreal moment that I will never forget.  I have no concept of how long I was in there, not saying a word to anyone, just sitting beside her.  I remember hearing someone else’s version of when I walked in.  They told me that had Chris not been there to catch me, I would’ve dropped right to the floor.  I don’t remember that but it’s not surprising because he’s always been here to catch me.

I’ve looked back at those moments so many times and have felt so much guilt.  I was so selfish in my grief that in those initial moments I never even acknowledged anyone else’s grief.  My baby brother, who had to tell me that our mother was gone and I just pushed right by him.  My step father who had just lost his wife, I was unable to see his pain.  Later when my sister came in, I was still too lost in my own sadness to be there for her.  I will probably always regret that. Many times, I have wished that my kids hadn’t had to witness me like that.  If only I would’ve been able to stop and think. You think you are an empathetic, compassionate, level-headed person until tragedy strikes and your emotions completely take over.  I’ve worked really hard the last 12 years to make up for that day.  I wanted to work really hard to keep our family together and unified after our leader had gone.  But no one could ever replace her, not ever.  

Eventually, the hospital staff made us leave so they could take her tubing out and get her “cleaned up.”  I remember sitting in the waiting room, in silence, in sadness, in disbelief.  By this time, more family had started to show up-aunts, uncles, etc.  I don’t think I ever spoke a word.  There was nothing to say.

Saying goodbye

I eventually got to be with my momma again in a private room.  The 3 of us siblings (my other brother did not live in town and was probably just being informed) sat with her for a long time.  I held her hand and caressed her face.  I wanted to take in every freckle, every line, every wrinkle, every distinct marking that made her so beautiful and so unique.  It was torture to think that this would be the last time I saw her, so I stayed until they made me leave.  I kept waiting for her to wake up and squeeze my hand.  As I held her hand while she lie there, I remembered every time I would hold her hand in church during the “Our Father.”  Those hands that fixed all my boo boos, carried me, and wiped away my tears too many times to count.

We spent the rest of that day at my aunts house.  I laid on a couch and didn’t move, didn’t eat, didn’t talk to anyone.  It was the saddest day of my life and I remember thinking that I would never get over it.  I could not imagine a world without her in it.  My mother was my life line, my best friend, my confidant.  Losing your mother, is like losing a piece of yourself.  And a piece of me was lost that day.  But I did learn how to go on.  It wasn’t easy and it honestly took years to really get over.  I was finally able to rise after the darkness, to walk through the fire and become better for it.  She wanted more for me in this life and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let her down.

While I would give anything to see her eyes light up one more time around her grand kids, I know that she is exactly where she is meant to be.  She is free, she is happy, she is loved. And I am who I am because she loved me!

The Woman I am Today

In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday (yes, that’s actually a thing, check the hashtag!), I want to give a shout out to all of the strong, confident women out there!  I also want to give a shout out to the women who aren’t quite strong and confident but are working on themselves.  And finally I want to thank all the women out there who help to build up and support other women, even though their paths may be very different from yours.  You ladies rock!!

Your past does not define you

I haven’t always been the woman that I am today.  I’ve spent most of my life with my head down, feeling sorry for myself and hating who I was on the inside and out.  If you knew me then, you probably saw a smile on my face as I was really good at hiding my feelings.  I spent most of my 20’s in an alcohol induced fog so that I did not have to face reality.  From starving myself to binge eating, to smoking and drinking, it’s a real wonder I’m even here and as healthy as I am.  But God had a plan, He always does.

When I became a mother in 2003, I believed that was my answer to everything.  It did in fact save my life, I feel certain of that.  When I got pregnant (not planned), I was 95 pounds, living off of cigarettes, goldfish crackers and lots of alcohol.  You can judge if you want, but we all have a story and some times we have to hit rock bottom so that we can bounce back up.  Becoming a mother did save me from the path I was on but it still did nothing to help my self loathing, unfortunately.  But being a mother was what I knew I was put on this planet for and I went all in!  I gave my entire self to my kids, which unfortunately left none for me or my husband.  The fact that he didn’t leave me through those first 5-7 years, tells me everything I need to know about that man!  HE is my saving grace!

Growing and learning

Fast forward to getting pregnant with my daughter (5 years old now) and getting her Down Syndrome diagnosis (that’s another story), I knew I needed to change.  When I told God that I wasn’t strong enough to raise a daughter with special needs, I’m pretty sure He laughed at me.  That was His plan all along, to mold me into what He knew I was capable of being. I began to look at the world differently.  I became more grateful, more loving, more accepting, more patient- not overnight but slowly.  And of course, I’m always a work in progress.

It wasn’t until Coaching came into my life (3 years ago), that I truly began to understand the importance of taking care of me. It felt very selfish at first, but I soon realized that it actually was making me a better, more patient, more loving wife, mother, friend and person.  And as my  coaching business has grown, I’ve realized the importance of filling my cup so that I can help to fill others.  Helping others reach their goals, change their mindset, learn to fill their own cup has truly changes me in ways that I can’t even express.

He always has a plan

Remember when I told you that God had a plan for me, this is it!  Helping women to grow, learn to love themselves, make time for themselves so that they can be better wives and mothers, is all part of God’s plan.  When I post a sweaty selfie or any picture on social media, it’s not about me!  It’s about that person reading it, that needed to hear/see that message at that exact moment.  It’s for the woman, who spent years in bad relationships, getting beaten down until she had no confidence left in her.  For the mom, who has given everything she has and is, to her children and now feels like she has nothing left to give.  That post is for the woman who wants to change but doesn’t know where to start.  It’s for the mom who constantly feels judged because she’s not good enough, involved enough, patient enough, creative enough.  My picture represents the mom/wife who feels like a failure, because she can’t be and do everything she thinks she needs to.  I AM THAT WOMAN!

It’s imperative that we, as women, take time for ourselves.  That means something different for everyone.  For me it’s quiet mediation, reading personal development and working out.  For others it may be going to get your nails done, shopping or running.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something for you.  My goal is to see more women supporting each other and loving on each other. I believe that starts with you.  It’s hard to love on others when you don’t like who you are.  So, I’m giving you my permission (you’re welcome!) to go out this week and do something just for you!

Make my day and share what it is that you do/will do!!

Meant for something more

Don’t let your past define you

I am a 40 year old woman who has spent the majority of my life living with self-doubt, insecurities, and even self loathing. For many years, I spent my energy punishing my body, my mind and my self-worth by starving myself, feeding my brain negativity and letting others use me.  I never felt smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, good enough.  The worst part about it is that I believed that was all normal.  I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing.

I can remember hearing the slightest voice in my head, saying that I was meant for something more.  Unfortunately, I let all of the other voices over power that one and I pushed it way back. Instead I listened to what the outside world was filling my head with and closed my mind to any positivity for a long time.  That was apparent in my relationships in my early years.  I pushed any good man away and only committed myself to the ones that treated me like the trash I thought I was.

God had a plan

Right when I wasn’t looking, I was sent the man that would forever change my path and my life, my soulmate.  He was so good at building me up, he could see my potential even though I couldn’t yet.  He made my dreams come true when he gave me the gift of becoming a mother.  I thought that was my destiny, that is my greatness I was meant for.  When I became a mother, I finally felt like I was doing something right.

I poured my heart and soul into being a mother, not saving any time for myself, my friends or even my husband. It was my greatest gift but I was losing sight of so many of my other gifts.  God had sent me this man, these children not just to make me a mother but to teach me how to be a better person.  But I wasn’t listening.  I was still walking around with this self loathing, comparing myself to everyone else, wishing I were thinner, smarter, more talented, more creative, etc.  What kind of example was I setting for my children?

My purpose

I had spent years telling myself that it was okay to be average or less than.  But God was telling me something different.  He was trying to show me my purpose here on this earth but I kept ignoring him.  You know that little voice that whispers to you, daring you to do something scary?  That’s the voice you should listen to!  There is greatness on the other side of fear!

Average is just a mindset.  We all have a purpose on this Earth.  If you’re not fulfilling that purpose, then you’re living an average life.  It’s when you accept that purpose and start living it, that you become above average.  It’s not a matter of being better than someone else.  We are all equal in our abilities. We have different abilities, but they are all great.   It’s how we use our abilities that sets us apart.

The problem for me was that I didn’t think I had any special talents, abilities.  I always felt below average so how was I going to accomplish anything great.  When we become so focused on ourselves, we lose sight of our purpose.  My purpose is not about me!

Sharing my story

What I finally realized was that it was my story-the good, the bad and the ugly, that sets me apart.  I have been through many struggles in my life and they have made me who I am today. We all have obstacles to overcome.  How we act in the face of adversity is what will determine our future.  I use to lie down with my face in the sand when bad things happened in my life.  That just welcomed more struggles and certainly did nothing to help  me through them.  I lived in a state of self pity and that is no where fun to be!

It took some time and some intervention from God for me to change my focus.  I had way too many blessings in my life to be so focused on the negative all of the time.  And I was doing my family no favors by remaining in that state of mind.  Something had to change!

Taking care of me

Slowly I began to let go and start taking care of me.  It use to feel so selfish to leave my kids with my husband who had been working all day, so that I could go out for a run.  But it began to change me.  Finding something that was just for me, no one else, was giving me the confidence back that  I needed to be a better person.

My transformation didn’t happen overnight and it is still a work in progress.  But when I decided to start taking care of me, I started becoming more of the person I was meant to be.  I had lost sight of who I was and who I wanted to be.

God’s purpose for me

Over the years, I have made it a priority to spend time with God.  He is the one who is molding me into the person I’m meant to be.  He is the one who has given me a purpose and shown it to me.  Through Him, I have learned that my purpose is bigger than me.  I want to help others live up to their full potential.  He wants me pave the way for other mothers, showing them that they have greatness in them. Helping women find their confidence through health and fitness leads to finding their confidence in every other area of life.

I share my story through social media so that other women know that they are not alone.  Not everyone can or will relate to me and that’s okay.  I’m not here for them.  I know in my heart that there are women who have had some of the same struggles I have endured and I want them to know that they can overcome them.  There is more out there for them.  We are all born with greatness.  We just have to find the courage to bring it out!  My purpose is to help others find the courage to and start living up to their full potential.


Do you know a woman who needs to hear this?  Please share!


Finding Confidence As a Mom- Momfidence

Is it possible to find confidence again as a mom?

Is there such thing as Momfidence?

As a mom and a woman who has struggled with self confidence as long as I can remember, I often try to look back to see at what point it all began.  There are certainly a few events in my early teens that didn’t help…like being called flat chested constantly, being called a boy, being teased about having a big butt and things of that nature.  But I feel like it started even before then though I can’t pinpoint an exact time.

There was a time when I was carefree and confident, showing everyone I encountered my best Incredible Hulk impersonation.  I use to love to make people laugh and really I still do!  I actually use to dress like Punky Brewster all of the time and I didn’t even care that people were looking at me funny!  I exuded confidence!  When my friends were all into dolls and dresses, I was into GI Joes and not wearing shirts.  In my early middle school days, I was the only girl on the soccer team and I know all of the boys hated it but I didn’t care because I thought I was awesome! My dream, and I believed with all my heart that it would come true, was to be the first woman in the NBA (of course that was before the WNBA and before I stopped growing at 5’3).  Somewhere along the way I lost that swagger though.  I guess most of us do.

I want her back

I want that happy go lucky, dreamer, I can be anything I want to be, back!  Honestly, it doesn’t matter at what point I lost it, I can’t live in the past.  But I can work to get it back, NOW.  And that’s what I’m doing everyday!  That is what I want to help others do as well.  Forget what we were taught and what was ingrained in our minds when we were children.  We each have the ability to change that path. You are the one in control of your futures. We have to stop blaming our past, move beyond our limiting beliefs and realize that we are, in fact, capable of amazing things.

It doesn’t matter where you are now.  It doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past.  What matters, is what you are going to do to change it.  Likely, this change will not happen overnight, but making small changes everyday will add up to something wonderful (read the Compound Effect– seriously-NOW).  My small changes started with working out everyday, 30 minutes a day.  That alone did not bring my confidence back but it was a start.  We all want to feel good about ourselves and being healthy, having energy and feeling strong helps do just that.  But it also has to come within.  Mindset is key to everything in life.  If you have a negative mindset, you will have a negative life.

So, how do you change your mindset??

Time, personal development, affirmations, afformations, being grateful, switching out old habits with new positive habits, surrounding yourself with other positive people to name a few.  The pain of staying the same has to be worse than the pain of change.  You have to want to make the change!  I had to make a change, for the sake of my kids, my marriage and my overall sanity.  What is this negative, self deprecating attitude doing for you beside making you miserable?

Far from what I once was not yet what I am going to be


Find your WHY

I talk about this all the time in my challenge groups because I believe it is the core to lasting change.  Whether its losing weight, changing your mindset, switching jobs, your career, whatever it is, having a strong, solid why will push you harder.

Your Why

For me, having my daughter, who happened to be born with an extra chromosome became my why.  I was afraid for her future, I was afraid of having a daughter who would end up like me, I was afraid of the people she would encounter in life that would surely take her confidence away.  She was perfect just the way she was and is, but I knew that I needed to change so that I could change the world for her.  I needed to become a better person so that I could teach others how to also become better people.  I needed to have confidence so that I could teach her to have confidence.  My kids needed me to be happy so that I could be the kind of mom that all 3 of them needed.  I wanted to do something to make my kids proud.  I HAD to change!  Find your WHY!  If you’re reading this, I want to help you become the best version of you. I honestly do, it’s what I love, it’s why I became a coach, it’s my passion, my calling.  If you want to work with me one on one, want advice, personal development recommendations, etc, email me at or find me over on FB   



Make a commitment to change today!  Find your inner Momfidence!

Love Yourself