How to overcome sugar addiction

It’s no surprise that one of our most popular free challenges that my fellow coaches and I run over on Facebook is our Sugar Detox.  Sugar addiction is real and I’ve personally experience it as I’m sure many of you have.  The good news is that you can overcome sugar addiction and it’s really not all that difficult.  But it will take a little bit of sacrifice and some work on your end.

Why is sugar addiction so rampant these day?

Let’s talk a bit about why sugar addiction seems to be so out of hand lately.  There are several reasons that could cause sugar addiction and sugar cravings.  Let me start off by saying that I am not an expert and I am not a certified nutritionist.  What I am sharing with you today, is what I have learned from my own experiences and research into sugar addiction.  I advice you to do your own research and really start taking a deeper look into what you are putting in your body.


Are you fueling your body, rewarding it or punishing it?

Chances are if you are finding yourself constantly reaching for something sweet and feeling that over powering urge to stuff yourself with candy, cookies or chocolate, you’re diet is not quite right.  The more you eat these types of simple sugars, the more you’re body will crave them.  Makes sense, right?  So, if you are eating donuts, bagels, sugary cereal, etc every morning for breakfast, your body will continue to crave those things every morning.  You have to break the cycle somewhere!

The other thing that cravings tell us, is that our bodies are not getting the proper nutrients that they need.  If we are fueling our bodies appropriately with all of the food groups, including healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, lots of veggies and fruits, then we are less likely to experience cravings at all.  So, are you rewarding yourself for a great workout by “treating yourself to chocolate right after?  Instead, you should grab a lean protein and a piece of fresh fruit.  You’ll feel full and satisfied without the sugar rush and cravings that would come an hour later.  Food should always be fuel.  That needs to be your new mantra- food is fuel!

Are you are using artificial sweeteners

It’s time to really start taking a dive into what you are putting into your body each day.  If you are reading this, then you are likely a grown adult and can obviously read.  So, it’s time to start looking at those labels on the foods, drinks and supplements that you are taking in each day. Look, I’m not judging because I’ve spent most of my life unknowingly filling my body and my kids’ with crap because it never occurred to me to actually look at the ingredients in what I was buying.   When you know better you do better.

We think that because a product on the shelf has fewer calories or says it’s sugar free that it must be a good choice.  But those items typically are full of artificial sweeteners that are tricking our mind into thinking we are eating something sweet- far sweeter than sugar.  And then our brains start to crave foods or drinks that are sweet.  Not to mention those sweeteners are wreaking havoc on our whole body. It’s time to start reading the labels and taking a closer look into what we are putting into our bodies.

Are you skipping meals?

I see people all the time (I have been guilty too) skipping meals as a practice for losing weight. They save calories up for a future meal or try to make up for making bad choices during a previous meal.  You know you’ve done it!  We all have!  And while it may seem logical to you at the time, skipping meals is actually causing your blood sugar levels to drop.  And in comes the sugar cravings.

Instead, I recommend eating every two to three hours.  That keeps your blood sugar from dropping. It also prevents those nasty cravings that have you grabbing for the quickest and easiest food.  If you feel guilty for having made a bad choice earlier in the day, it’s time to let it go.  We are human and we will make mistakes.  But repeating them over and over will not get you anywhere.  Accept that you made a bad choice, forgive yourself and make better choices next time.

How to overcome sugar addiction

The best way for you to overcome sugar addiction is to first find out the cause.  Is it what you are putting in your body.  Maybe it’s what you are not putting in your body.  Are you skipping too many meals?  Are you only reaching for sweets when you are sad, lonely, happy, bored, etc?  Knowing what’s causing it will help you find a way to fix it.

Start reading those labels NOW!  This is my biggest advice for you today!  If you get nothing else out of this post, please take this to heart.  Pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Do the research, if necessary, to figure out if it’s something that you should be fueling your body with. Or is it something that you should be cleaning your toilet with.  So, many chemicals are being added into our foods today.  Companies want us to keep buying their products so they are literally filling them with chemicals that make us crave more!  Can you eat just one Lays potato chip?  It’s time to be an adult and do your homework!

In closing…

Like I mentioned before, I am not in any way a nutritionist or expert on health.  What I am is a consumer who is learning to pay more attention to what I’m putting in my body.  I spent years punishing my body and filling it with so much crap and I always felt like crap.  Now, that I’m learning how to fuel my body and take care of it, I want to share it with the world.  I want people to know that they don’t have to settle for feeling like crap all the time.  You can overcome sugar addiction and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  You can feel good in the skin that you are in.

I’m currently in the process of getting certified as a master coach in Beachbody’s Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition plan.  What I’m learning is eye opening and I can’t wait to continue to share my knowledge and to better help my clients overcome their sugar and food addictions and live their healthiness life. 

The Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition plan uses color coded portion control containers to teach us what foods and how much we should be consuming in a day.  These containers are what I have been using for the last 5 years. They have been a total game changer.  We are now taking a deeper dive into why we should eat in these portions, why it’s important to balance our macros and get in all of the different food groups.  We are learning about food and sugar addiction and how to overcome it by fueling our bodies appropriately.  And one of the things I’m most excited about is that we are learning how and what portions to feed our kiddos using this container system (not for weight loss).  There is so much knowledge in this updated nutrition program that I can’t stop talking about it!

To get more info on this program, email me.

Stay healthy friends



Making a mental shift

It’s transformation Tuesday! Yes, that’s a thing in the fitness world!  But, It isn’t the physical transformation that I love, though it is a nice bonus.  What I really, really love is the mental shift that happens when you start focusing on working on yourself.  That kind of transformation takes time but is so worth it.  It is the reason that I love what I do as a health and wellness mentor.  My heart is so full, when I see women gain a new confidence that they had lost for so long.  Watching women succeed fills my cup.

The start of my transformation

I had a physical transformations fairly quickly after starting my wellness journey.  After doing my first ever Beachbody program, the 21 Day Fix, I lost 11 pounds in my first round and felt great physically.  But I quickly fell off of that wagon and spent the next 9 months or so making excuses as to why I couldn’t commit to a program for longer than a week or so at a time.

That summer, I continued to hide my body under baggy clothes, one piece swim suits (I was always a bikini girl!) and behind my daughter.  Even though I was at a very healthy weight and even fairly toned, I still had no confidence.  My motivation quickly left and I didn’t know where to find it.

Insert, my first ever online challenge group!  This was the accountability that I needed in my life. These women in this group lifted me up and made me want to do better.  I got back to my daily workouts and eating healthy and felt so much better.  But that group soon ended and I was left with no one to motivate me or push me.

That’s about the time, I decided I needed to be my own motivation.  I can’t depend on others to lift me up and push me. If I wanted to succeed,  I had to learn to do it myself.  So I signed up to be a coach with no experience, no clue what I was doing, still very little if any confidence and not at my ideal fitness level.  At that point in my life, I was still consumed by other peoples opinions of me and I certainly didn’t feel worthy of helping any one else.  But I jumped in!


I jumped in because I knew I needed a change-something to challenge my mind, something to do for myself, outside of my family, something that would keep me accountable to my own goals.

So, I jumped in with both feet.  Well,sort of.  I jumped in with both feet and then started to tip toe back out and then in again and then out and then in again…But I slowly learned to start facing my fears more often.  I quickly began devouring all of the personal development that I could get my hands and ears on!  And you know what happened?  Every damn time I faced one of those fears, every time I tip toed out of my comfort zone, I became a little stronger, a little more confident, a little bit better person.

Who I am now

Who I am now, is NOT who I was five years ago!  And I hope that in five more years, I’m even stronger, more confident, more alive and even more joyful than I am today!  Because I never want to stop growing as a person.  I still have a lot of work to do but I now know how to do it.  Each day, I face the day with a positive attitude and an open mind.  Every day, I start the day with a grateful heart.  I find a way to do something scary and out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.  It’s not always easy but I know that in the long run, it always pays off and I become better for it.

Stop being afraid of becoming who you are meant to be.  Make TODAY, the day you DECIDE to take ACTION on becoming the best YOU, that you can be.

Who’s with me!?

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, how you an help others while bettering yourself, fill out this form and we can chat!

Happy Tuesday, friends!



3 Day Cleanse Results

Sometimes your body just needs a cleanse!  Especially after all the indulgences I helped myself to over the holiday season!  Am I the only one that can’t resist Christmas cookies??  I know there are a lot of different types of cleanses out there but I always prefer one that includes actual food.  I’m not into juicing too much or the 24 hour fasts though I understand their benefits.  I just want something to detoxify my body, get rid of those cravings and bloat and just feel better.  When I eat like crap, I feel like crap and I was definitely feeling like crap!  So, I did a 3 Day cleanse, and thought I’d share my results with you!

Why do a 3-Day Refresh?

Sometimes your diet gets off track. You go a little overboard on the weekends, a holiday, or while on vacation. Or perhaps your body hits a plateau, and the scale refuses to budge.

In 3 short days, you can get your health, your energy, and your vitality back on track — all without starving.

With the 3-Day Refresh you’ll conquer your cravings. Lose weight. Start to detoxify your body. Flatten your stomach. Feel lighter and more energized. Your clothes will fit better. And most importantly, you’ll be able to break the cycle of bad nutrition while establishing healthy, new eating habits.

How did I feel during my cleanse?

I’m always a little nervous starting a cleanse because my cravings are strong!  I also worry about feeling weak with such fewer calories that I take in during the cleanse.  But to my surprise, I didn’t feel hungry at all and my cravings were very minimal.  I also never felt weak during the entire 3 days.  In fact, I felt energized most of the time.  On the evening of day 2, I did develop an intense headache.  It may have been my body detoxing but it could’ve also been the fact that I woke up on day 1 with a head cold and by day 2 was having major sinus pressure.  Also, could’ve been the combination of both.  I will say that some people will experience a headache during the detox.  Usually hydrating your body will help though and it will pass.

Overall the cleanse was pretty easy and I ended up with great results!  I didn’t set out to lose a certain number of pounds (I don’t focus on my weight) but I did drop 5 pounds in the 3 days.  I lost my bloat and felt so much better!  My nutrition is back on track and I’m ready to crush this new program that I just started this week!

If you’re interested in learning more about the 3 Day Refresh, shoot me an email and I’m happy to get you set up!

If you’re interested in joining my January fitness bootcamp, fill out this form and I’ll get back with you asap!

A New Year, A Blank Slate

Does anyone else get as excited about a new year as I do?!  I know you don’t need a new year to start over, set new goals and make big changes.  You can do that any day of the year!  Mondays have always been my favorite for that reason too.  But there is something refreshing about a blank slate, a whole new year to dream big and make things happen.  And as I have for the last 5 years, I have big plans for this new year!  I have set some pretty scary goals but also have committed to changing myself for the better.

I’ll be honest with you, I started to get really down the last few weeks of December.  I had set some big goals last January and I didn’t reach them all.  It can be very disappointing, for sure.  So, I had two choices, I could let those define my future or I could learn and grow from those failures.  And thanks to a dear friend, I decided to NOT focus on the goals that I didn’t reach but instead, focus on what I did accomplish in 2018.  And the list was not that shabby.

Here are a few of my favorite accomplishments from 2018

80 Day Obsession

I started and completed an 80 day program that completely transformed me physically and mentally.  It also challenged me in a way that I had never been challenged.  I’m not gonna lie, it was HARD!  But I stuck to it, stayed committed to my nutrition and my workouts for 13 weeks and the results spoke for themselves.  I literally  cried on the last day because I was so proud of myself and felt so accomplished.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Photo Shoot

In January of 2018, I set the goal to complete 80 Day Obsession.  As a reward for completing the program, I promised myself a fitness photo shoot.  This was something I’ve never done before and completely out of my comfort zone.  But I knew at 41 years old, I was going to be in the best shape of my life.  I decided to celebrate that as well as document it!

As the end of the program approached I set the date and scheduled my photo shoot. I was seriously a nervous wreck!  That morning, I went and had my hair and makeup done and showed up for the shoot 20 minutes early, in true Tammy fashion.  My photographer was amazing and put me at ease.  I had such a great time and left there feeling so confident!  It was definitely a highlight of my year and the pictures turned out beautiful.  There is truly no feeling like overcoming your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Earned Vacation

The week following the end of 80 Day obsession and my photo shoot, Chris and I left for Mexico!  How amazing was it going to the beach at 41 years old and in the best shape of my life!!  I had never in my life been more confident strutting around in my bikini!  The best part of this vacation (besides spending it with the love of my life) was that it was a trip I earned by helping other people get started on their on fitness journey.  How cool is that!?  Another highlight of that trip- running into Autumn Calabrese (the creator of 80 DO) and her telling me she liked my outfit and that I looked great!  I died!


Yep, you read that right!  All 5’3 of me signed on with an agency as a model.  I have to laugh at that a little.  The truth is, ever since I was in middle school, I dreamed of being a model.  I pursued it a few times with little outcome.  To be honest, I don’t think it was very good for my self esteem.  I wasn’t in a place to be able to handle rejection at that age in my life.

Here’s how it happened.  After I received the pictures back from my photo shoot, on a crazy whim, I sent them to a local modeling agency.  I really didn’t expect much but I thought what the hell do I have to lose.  Well, they ended up signing me on and I was even able to book a few gigs over the summer.  I have no plans to become rich or famous from modeling but it sure has been a fun experience so far.  The biggest thing that it has done for me, is boost my confidence.  Not for the reasons you may think.  I’m not getting jobs because I’m the prettiest, in the best shape, etc.  They’re not runway or catalogue jobs!  Remember I’m 5’3 and 41 years old!  It’s the fears that  I’m overcoming fears that has me feeling so proud.   Every time you do something outside your comfort zone, you boost your confidence a little more!

Insanity & PiYo Certified

This was a big one too!  For the last 4 years I’ve talked about getting certified to teach Insanity and PiYo classes.  For 4 years, I’ve made excuses for why I couldn’t.  But not this year!  This was my year to face my fears and do all the things!  I had an absolute blast getting certified to teach Insanity with my brother at our annual Beachbody coach event over the summer.  I even got to meet my “girl crush” and one of my fav coaches, Danielle Natoni!  Not gonna lie, I was a little star struck especially when she commented on my abs!  Whaaatttt!!

And then in the fall, I was able to get my PiYo certification from the comfort of my basement.  Turns out that class is a lot harder to teach than I imagined but I look forward to working on it in the new year.

The gang at our annual BB event
Danielle and our master trainer for Insanity certification
Facing more fears

One of the gigs that I booked happened to be at an amusement park.  When I agreed to do this photo shoot, I had no idea  that I would have to actually ride the rides.  See, I have a major fear of heights and I get motion sickness.  While I love taking my kids to this particular amusement park, I never actually ride the roller coasters.  I stick with Stella in the kiddie area and watch the excitement on the boys faces when they come off of the rides.

Not this time.  I had to do it!  I was getting paid to do it!  So, I took my Dramamine, prayed really hard, took several deep breaths and even cussed a little.  But I did it!  I rode the scariest and highest rides at this park.  And I had a blast!  I did get a little sick on day one and may or may not have had to go lie down in the first aid tent.  I rallied though and finished with a bang!

Me! On a roller coaster!!
Growing my business

While my coaching business didn’t end where I had hoped it would.  I had to appreciate the fact that it is still growing and thriving.  Also, the fact that I love what I do and am able to fit it in on my time makes me appreciate it even more.  The last 6-8 months of the year had been really crazy for me with Stella being home all summer, the change in Stella’s school schedule and her added therapies.  The truth is that I didn’t make the time to work my business like I would have.  And I could feel bad about that or accept that this is the season of life that I’m in.  It won’t last forever.  I also have to be super proud of the fact that I may have put less hours into coaching than I would have liked but my income still grew this year.  That is the beauty of this business!  There are few jobs out there that would accommodate my current schedule and still have room for me to grow.  I’m feeling very blessed.

It was a good year!

My word of 2018 that I chose last January was AUTHENTIC.  That word was important to me because I wanted show people the real me, all of me.  No more of just the highlight reel but the good, the bad and the not so pretty.  It was a very freeing year, following this one word.

Though it looks like my theme for last year should’ve been overcoming fears.  I was a bad ass at that all year long!  My plan for 2019- to continue stepping outside my comfort zone and being authentically and unapologetically me.  But my new word this year will be- BECOMING.  This year I will work on becoming my best version, becoming who God intended me to be and becoming the kind of person that gives value to others.  With that I will be focusing on letting go- legging go of other people’s opinions of me, self doubt, things that I can not control, my own limiting beliefs, my excuses and things that do not make me better.

2019 I’m coming for ya!

Happy New Year!

80 Day Obsession Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

I am finishing up week 3 of 80 Day Obsession and honestly can’t believe how good I’m feeling.  I was super nervous starting this program, committing to 80 days of timed nutrition and new challenging workouts.  What’s funny is that I was worried I would be hungry all the time and feel deprived but I haven’t at all!  My cravings went away within the first week and I’m eating every 2-3 hours so definitely not going hungry.  I’m down 8 pounds and 4 inches in almost 3 weeks time and getting stronger every week.  The timed nutrition has turned out to be a major game changer for me!

Wanna learn more about Timed Nutrition and the 80 Day Obsession?  Click here to fill out my form for more info.

I thought I’d share an amazing recipe to you guys, just in time for Super Bowl!  Who doesn’t love loaded potatoes, right?!  Well, these Loaded Sweet Potatoes are both 80 Day Obsession approved and 21 Day Fix approved!  And you thought that you had to eat salads all day to lose weight and stay fit!  Nope, it’s all about fueling your body with healthy foods that are packed with the nutrients our bodies need.

This can be used as meal option #3 in Plan C for the 80 Day Obsession.


  • 3 medium sweet potatoes
  • 2 slices nitrate free turkey bacon
  • 5 oz raw chicken breast, boneless, skinless, finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 Tbsp Fixate Taco Seasoning
  • 3 Cups chopped spinach
  • 6 Tbsp shredded cheddar cheese
  • 6 tsp reduced-fat (2%) sour cream or nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Chop[ed chives (for garnish, optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
  2. Place sweet potatoes on baking sheet.  Bake for 50-60 minutes, or until fork tender.  Cook until sweet potatoes can be handled.
  3. While potatoes are baking, cook bacon in large nonstick skillet over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side, or until crisp.  Place on paper towels to drain.  Once cooled, crumble bacon and set aside
  4. Add chicken to same skillet.  Season with salt and taco seasoning; cook, over medium heat, stirring frequently, for 4-5 minutes, or until cooked through.
  5. Add spinach; cook, stirring frequently, for 2-3 minutes, or until fully wilted.  Set aside.
  6. Slice cooled sweet potatoes in half lengthwise.  Scoop out most of flesh with a spoon, leaving about 1/4 inch of flesh attached to skin.  **I save the inside of the sweet potatoes to eat with my Breakfast casserole later in the week.
  7. Place sweet potato halves, skin-side up, on baking sheet.  Lightly coat with spray.  Bake for 15 minutes, or until skins are brown and crisp.
  8. Fill each sweet potato half with 1/4 cup of chicken mixture.  Top evenly with 1 Tbsp cheese, and bacon.  Bake for 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
  9. Garnish each sweet potato half with 1 tsp sour cream and chives (if desired).  Enjoy!


FIXATE Taco Seasoning

  • 3 Tbsp chili powder
  • 1 Tbsp + 11/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 2 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 2 1/2 tsp ground sweet smoked paprika
  • 2 1/2 tsp ground coriander
  • 2 tsp ground black pepper




PIYO was my first real love with Beachbody!  The 21 Day Fix got me started in the right direction, taught me portion control, proper nutrition and gave me the workout variety I needed and wanted.  But when I first tried Piyo, I fell in love!!  First of all, Chalene Johnson is one of the most motivating people, in my opinion.  You can’t help but feel like she is talking directly to you and her words are so genuine.  Secondly, the workouts are for anyone, any fitness level and any age.  And no equipment is required except maybe a yoga mat.

What is PiYo?

PiYo is what I like to describe as a mixture of Pilates and Yoga but on steroids.
That’s probably not the best description and sounds a little intimidating but it’s also kind of true.  What PiYo can offer you, is a way to get your physique intensely carved out without the weights, without the jumps, and without straining your joints.  It is a low impact but hight intensity workout that incorporates the most effective Pilates and yoga inspired moves set to a fast pace.  This helps you to burn fat while carving out those lean muscles.

piyo-pike-a-700_4Rest assured there is nothing complex about the moves in PiYo and Chalene Johnson does an amazing job of talking you through each move while demonstrating proper techniques.  There is also a modifier that you can follow for those who aren’t quite ready to do all the poses or moves in this workout.

piyo-pike-b-700_0How does it work?

I think PiYo is so affective because it takes the strength of Pilates and combines it with the flexibility involved in Yoga to make the ultimate workout.  You would be amazed at how sculpted your body can become by using your own body weight as resistance.  Since my days of doing PiYo regularly, I have grown to enjoy adding weight lifting to my regime.  That being said, I always love coming back to PiYo because, face it, we all need to be stretched out sometimes and sometimes you need a break from the heavy lifting.  Also, after doing PiYo for about 3 months, I began to notice definition in my arms, something, I NEVER had before.  So, I can assure you that using your own body to sculpt your body is very affective especially for those who may have had injuries, knee problems, back problems, etc.

piyo results

Piyo and running

PiYo is a great workout to pair with running, especially when training for a race.  The long muscle fibers used while stretching in Piyo will help improve your running stride.  Of course, It’s also always important to do strength training while running which you will get plenty of while doing PiYo. I have personally used this program when training for races in the past and loved the combination.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, click here.

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FullSizeRender 16
Piyo results

21 Day Fix

Annual All- Access Beachbody on Demand

Save money and time while having great success with Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody has made it even easier to save money, save time and succeed with their On Demand All Access promotion!  For a limited time Beachbody is giving you a year’s worth of FULL access to ALL of the Beachbody program ever made!! This includes, the 21 Day Fix, P90x, Insanity, Country Heat, Core De Force and 100s more!  If you would like more information on how to get 12 months of the All Access Beachbody on Demand, click here.

21 df

The 21 Day Fix

The 21 day fix was the start to my Beachbody experience so it holds a place near and dear to my heart.  After trying many other workouts and getting back into running, I still wasn’t able to drop that last 10 pounds of baby weight from baby number 3.  Enter the 21 Day Fix!   In my firsts 21 days of this program I was able to lose the entire 10 pounds and felt great!  I’m not saying it was easy, but it was obviously worth it.

Why I love this program

Here is why I love this program and why it’s the number one program that I recommend to my challengers;  It wasn’t the exercises that helped me get that last 10 pounds off, though they obviously helped.  The big game changer for me was nutrition.  I thought I knew what healthy eating was but I was wrong.  Not only that but my portions were way off!  I was eating too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right ones.  Most people struggle with nutrition which is why I like to recommend this program so much.  quick start 21df

The 21 Day Fix program comes with an eating plan that sets you up for success without making you starve or even have to completely give up all of your favorite foods!  Did you know you can drink wine on this plan??  😉  The basis of the eating plan teaches us portion control.  It comes with these amazing, cute, little colored containers that we use to measure our foods.  Each color represents a different food group, i.e. Green for veggies, purple for fruits, red for proteins, etc.  So how do you know how many containers to eat each day??  Easy!  The nutrition guide comes with an easy formula to help you figure that out.  It will tell you exactly how many of each container you should be eating a day.  There is even a list of approved foods for each color container.  And on top of that, Autumn Calabrese shares some of her favorite and easy to follow recipes!  So, all you have to do is measure your foods using the containers (which are perfect for on taking on the go!) and enjoy!

The workouts

What I love about the workouts in this program is the variety!  I am one that gets bored easily with workouts.  Sunday through Saturday are different workouts including pilates, yoga, cardio, and weight lifting.  You will work your entire body in each of these workouts!  One of the reasons I recommend this program so often is that the workouts include a modifier so that anyone can do these moves.  Even if you haven’t worked out before, if you follow the modifier, you can make it through.  The best part????  They are all only 30 minutes!!!  That’s right, 30 minutes of exercise that is sure to get your body into shape.  Pair that with the meal plan and you are sure to be successful!

Oh yea, and did I mention…. It is now include on the All access Beachbody on Demand!!

For more information about the 21 Day fix or other programs, click here

Healthiest Year Yet

Healthiest Year Yet

It’s that time of year again, time to make new year resolutions.  I got to be honest with you and tell you that up until a few years ago, I never made resolutions.  Heck, I never even set goals for anything.  No goals, no disappointment when I didn’t reach them, right?  Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things since then.  This year, I have BIG goals, personal, business and fitness goals.  My plan is to make 2017 my and YOUR healthiest year yet!  Who’s with me??

Health bet

One of my goals that I want to share with you is this-  I am making it my mission to help at least women REACH their health and fitness goals for the year.  Now, I’ve helped lots of women start their health and fitness journey but I’ve also witnessed several quit before their journey was over.  🙁  NOT THIS YEAR!  This year I’m going to make sure that at least 50 women, begin and CRUSH their goals!  That is WHY I love what I do-seeing women succeed, gain confidence, become empowered and shine!

So, here’s my question to you……Do you want to be part of my 50 in 2017???  Do you want to make 2017 your Healthiest Year Yet???

If so, have I got an opportunity for YOU!   Beachbody is so COMMITTED to helping people get healthy in 2017 that they are actually giving money away for working out and drinking Shakeology!!  Yep, you read that right!  Their was so much success from our Health Bet in September that they brought it back.  It’s the perfect way to start the New Year!  So, here’s what you need to know:

•We start on January 9th and runs for 4 weeks through February 5th.
•Beachbody has a pot of money up for grabs ready to split with everyone who plays ($2M-$3M omg!)
•We don’t have to pay to enter. Our payment is our workout program and our Shakeology.
•This challenge will take place in our My Challenge Tracker app
•We must log in at least 3 Beachbody workouts per week
•We must log in at least 5 Shakeology’s per week plus post a photo of your Shakeology with your tracked activity.
•Win and share equally in the final cash pot!


•US and CAN (excluding Quebec)
•You must be assigned to me as your Beachbody Coach
•Beachbody program of YOUR choice
•Shakeology (get a Challenge Pack…much better deal and you get everything you need for max results)
•100% Dedication and Commitment
•Daily participation (the accountability aspect is what will help us ALL get through this together…and win some $)
•MAKE time to a commitment to Shakeology (I can’t tell you how much my body has changed from it both inside and out)
•Willing to stick with the program from start to finish and sharing your progress with us publicly or privately.

Here is what you can expect from me:

•Daily Support & Accountability check-ins
•Fitness Inspiration and motivation to help achieve your goals
•Recipes, Meal Plans, and Tools from the team to help you succeed
•Safe and Secure place for us to meet and support each other
•As part of our Fit Family, we will become lifelong buddies who continue to support each other beyond these 30 days.

So, if you are NOT a coach or you are not actively working with a coach, please use this form to join my Health Bet health and fitness challenge.

Health Bet

Country Heat Meal Plan-Week 2

Week 2 of Country Heat is just about to end for me and I have to tell you, I am loving it a lot more than I ever thought I would!  My week 2 meal plan is included below.  I am typically more of a hard core workout girl- on of the few that really enjoys working out.  Pushing myself and my body to the limits is what I thrive on.  So, it took me by surprise how much I am really enjoying doing this “dancing,” low impact kind of workout. Even though it may be low impact, there is no doubt that you will be covered on sweat at the end.  A serious calorie burner!


As week 2 progresses, I am starting to feel more comfortable with the moves which is making it more fun.  Wonkey Feet is still a real struggle for me but progress is being made slowly.  🙂  Autumn does a great job of breaking down each move so that even someone as uncoordinated as me, can still do them.  It just takes me a little longer and more practice.


Country Heat is Number 1 Beachbody Program

It’s really exciting to be able to announce that Country Heat has taken over as the number 1 Beachbody program, surpassing even the 21 Day Fix!!  That is AMAZING!!  Here is why I think it is already so popular, ANYONE can do this!!  Whether you love working out, hate working out or are somewhere in between, this is the perfect program to help you burn calories.  It doesn’t feel like a work out, except for the sweat dripping off of you.  Country Heat is sure to change lives, hitting a whole new market of people.

Meal Plan

Let’s talk portion control and meal plans!  It’s time to be honest, I had a wonderful meal plan all set in place for this week.  Unfortunately, life happens and everything did not go as plan BUT I didn’t just give up or give in.  I made the best of each situation and pressed on.  Life is going to happen and everything will not always go as planned. That is never a reason to give up on your goals! Pick yourself up and start again!

Here is what my meal plan looked like for week 2 of Country Heat:

Country Heat Meal Plan-Week 2

Join the fun by purchasing this program for yourself!  You can order here Order here

Wanna join one of our challenge groups for accountability, support and motivation, Join here!




Take the Health Bet

FullSizeRender 36
Health Bet

I’m super excited for our upcoming Health Bet, health and fitness challenge. What a great and FUN way to help keep us all motivated to stick with our workouts and drinking our Shakeology!    This time of year can be difficult to stay on track to our goals, with kids going back to school, after school activities, sports, etc. This group will help us all stay accountable while having fun playing the game…we work out and drink a shake to win!

Here’s how it works:

•We start on September 5 and runs for 4 weeks through October 2.
•Beachbody has a pot of money up for grabs ready to split with everyone who plays ($1M-$3M omg!)
•We don’t have to pay to enter. Our payment is our workout program and our Shakeology.
•This challenge will take place in our My Challenge Tracker app
•We must log in at least 3 Beachbody workouts per week
•We must log in at least 5 Shakeology’s per week plus post a photo of your Shakeology with your tracked activity.
•Win and share equally in the final cash pot!

Get the app here:
iPhone/iPad users
Android users


•US and CAN (excluding Quebec)
•You must be assigned to me as your Beachbody Coach
•Beachbody program of YOUR choice
•Shakeology (get a Challenge Pack…much better deal and you get everything you need for max results)
•100% Dedication and Commitment
•Daily participation (the accountability aspect is what will help us ALL get through this together…and win some $)
•MAKE  a commitment to Shakeology (I can’t tell you how much my body has changed from it both inside and out)
•Willing to stick with the program from start to finish and sharing your progress with us publicly or privately.

Here is what you can expect from me:

•Daily Support & Accountability check-ins
•Fitness Inspiration and motivation to help achieve your goals
•Recipes, Meal Plans, and Tools from the team to help you succeed
•Safe and Secure place for us to meet and support each other
•Support for as long as you need it

So, if you are NOT a coach or you are not actively working with a coach, please use this form to join my Health Bet, health and fitness challenge.

Tammy-Fierce and Fit

Be prepared to get serious results and possibly even make a few new friends!!  🙂