Positivity Not Perfection

It’s easy to look at my social media and make assumptions or judgments about the kind of person that I am or what my life is like.  My social media is typically filled with positive, upbeat messages, advocacy for my daughter, gratefulness and lots of fitness.  One could concur that I have it all together and that my life has always been easy, wonderful and perfect.  You could assume that I’m happy, joyful and positive everyday.  You could, but you shouldn’t.

Now, that doesn’t mean that my social media is a fraud.  It’s actually not at all.  I made a pact back in January, to be myself, to be real, authentic and 100% me on social media.  If you follow my IG Stories, you will see a lot more of that realness.  But I decided to let go of the people pleasing, the trying to win everyone over, the speaking to the people that weren’t even my people and just be me.  Let me tell you, it is so freeing!  Yes, it’s scary at first but oh man, people pleasing is a lot more work.




So, why are most of my posts so positive and upbeat?  Well, I made another pact to myself a couple years ago, that I would begin to work on letting go of the negativity that I’ve carried around most of my life.  I decided to be intentional with my thinking and only hold onto positive thoughts.  Obviously, this is not a perfect practice.  It takes work, time and constant growth.  Social media is filled to the brim with negativity.  You can find it on every scroll!  So, I choose to spread love, positivity, value and hopefully inspiration.


When I decided to change my mindset and focus on feeding my mind with positive thoughts daily, my life began to change for the better.  What we think and the thoughts we hold in our mind, we become.  Our feelings that we carry, are what we attract.  I see women every day on social media or in real life, who have held on to negative thoughts for so long, they feel lost, unloved and unworthy.  I know how they feel because I have felt it too.  What I want is to help them realize their true potential.  The only way to do that is by changing the way we think.

My point is this, social media can be a tricky thing.  It can suck you in and cause you to compare your life to what others portray as theirs.  But it can also be a source of learning, growing, starting new friendships, spreading love, advocacy and inspiration.  That is what I choose to use it as.  My life is far from perfect but I choose to be grateful for every minute of it and I encourage you to do the same.  Find the positive people on social media to follow. But understand that we all have our own struggles and we all choose different ways to handle them.  And I encourage you to be the voice of positivity in someone else’s life. 

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