The Woman I am Today

In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday (yes, that’s actually a thing, check the hashtag!), I want to give a shout out to all of the strong, confident women out there!  I also want to give a shout out to the women who aren’t quite strong and confident but are working on themselves.  And finally I want to thank all the women out there who help to build up and support other women, even though their paths may be very different from yours.  You ladies rock!!

Your past does not define you

I haven’t always been the woman that I am today.  I’ve spent most of my life with my head down, feeling sorry for myself and hating who I was on the inside and out.  If you knew me then, you probably saw a smile on my face as I was really good at hiding my feelings.  I spent most of my 20’s in an alcohol induced fog so that I did not have to face reality.  From starving myself to binge eating, to smoking and drinking, it’s a real wonder I’m even here and as healthy as I am.  But God had a plan, He always does.

When I became a mother in 2003, I believed that was my answer to everything.  It did in fact save my life, I feel certain of that.  When I got pregnant (not planned), I was 95 pounds, living off of cigarettes, goldfish crackers and lots of alcohol.  You can judge if you want, but we all have a story and some times we have to hit rock bottom so that we can bounce back up.  Becoming a mother did save me from the path I was on but it still did nothing to help my self loathing, unfortunately.  But being a mother was what I knew I was put on this planet for and I went all in!  I gave my entire self to my kids, which unfortunately left none for me or my husband.  The fact that he didn’t leave me through those first 5-7 years, tells me everything I need to know about that man!  HE is my saving grace!

Growing and learning

Fast forward to getting pregnant with my daughter (5 years old now) and getting her Down Syndrome diagnosis (that’s another story), I knew I needed to change.  When I told God that I wasn’t strong enough to raise a daughter with special needs, I’m pretty sure He laughed at me.  That was His plan all along, to mold me into what He knew I was capable of being. I began to look at the world differently.  I became more grateful, more loving, more accepting, more patient- not overnight but slowly.  And of course, I’m always a work in progress.

It wasn’t until Coaching came into my life (3 years ago), that I truly began to understand the importance of taking care of me. It felt very selfish at first, but I soon realized that it actually was making me a better, more patient, more loving wife, mother, friend and person.  And as my  coaching business has grown, I’ve realized the importance of filling my cup so that I can help to fill others.  Helping others reach their goals, change their mindset, learn to fill their own cup has truly changes me in ways that I can’t even express.

He always has a plan

Remember when I told you that God had a plan for me, this is it!  Helping women to grow, learn to love themselves, make time for themselves so that they can be better wives and mothers, is all part of God’s plan.  When I post a sweaty selfie or any picture on social media, it’s not about me!  It’s about that person reading it, that needed to hear/see that message at that exact moment.  It’s for the woman, who spent years in bad relationships, getting beaten down until she had no confidence left in her.  For the mom, who has given everything she has and is, to her children and now feels like she has nothing left to give.  That post is for the woman who wants to change but doesn’t know where to start.  It’s for the mom who constantly feels judged because she’s not good enough, involved enough, patient enough, creative enough.  My picture represents the mom/wife who feels like a failure, because she can’t be and do everything she thinks she needs to.  I AM THAT WOMAN!

It’s imperative that we, as women, take time for ourselves.  That means something different for everyone.  For me it’s quiet mediation, reading personal development and working out.  For others it may be going to get your nails done, shopping or running.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something for you.  My goal is to see more women supporting each other and loving on each other. I believe that starts with you.  It’s hard to love on others when you don’t like who you are.  So, I’m giving you my permission (you’re welcome!) to go out this week and do something just for you!

Make my day and share what it is that you do/will do!!

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