Country Heat Meal Plan-Week 2

Week 2 of Country Heat is just about to end for me and I have to tell you, I am loving it a lot more than I ever thought I would!  My week 2 meal plan is included below.  I am typically more of a hard core workout girl- on of the few that really enjoys working out.  Pushing myself and my body to the limits is what I thrive on.  So, it took me by surprise how much I am really enjoying doing this “dancing,” low impact kind of workout. Even though it may be low impact, there is no doubt that you will be covered on sweat at the end.  A serious calorie burner!


As week 2 progresses, I am starting to feel more comfortable with the moves which is making it more fun.  Wonkey Feet is still a real struggle for me but progress is being made slowly.  🙂  Autumn does a great job of breaking down each move so that even someone as uncoordinated as me, can still do them.  It just takes me a little longer and more practice.


Country Heat is Number 1 Beachbody Program

It’s really exciting to be able to announce that Country Heat has taken over as the number 1 Beachbody program, surpassing even the 21 Day Fix!!  That is AMAZING!!  Here is why I think it is already so popular, ANYONE can do this!!  Whether you love working out, hate working out or are somewhere in between, this is the perfect program to help you burn calories.  It doesn’t feel like a work out, except for the sweat dripping off of you.  Country Heat is sure to change lives, hitting a whole new market of people.

Meal Plan

Let’s talk portion control and meal plans!  It’s time to be honest, I had a wonderful meal plan all set in place for this week.  Unfortunately, life happens and everything did not go as plan BUT I didn’t just give up or give in.  I made the best of each situation and pressed on.  Life is going to happen and everything will not always go as planned. That is never a reason to give up on your goals! Pick yourself up and start again!

Here is what my meal plan looked like for week 2 of Country Heat:

Country Heat Meal Plan-Week 2

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